High-quality automatic feeding packing system manufacturer | Automatic Cake Packing System

High-quality automatic feeding packing system manufacturer | Automatic Cake Packing System

1.Can be connected to production line,make mass production full automatic and efficient possible, also products can be  decanted onto the square table, this is convenient for various and small quality items production. 
2. Whole system customized as per product,avoid product been pressed then out of shape. Products which stuck or failed in direction turing will be rejected to ensure constant and stable working of whole system.
3.  Speed adjustment controlled by inverter  . Speed phrase can be set as per customer request and product shape.
4. Humanization design,easy and fast assemble and unassemble.
5. Equipped with safe device, e.g.  Electricity leakage protection, Emergency stop, Fault stop, Warning light,etc.

Product Details

The whole system, combined with Square table aligning unit,  Automatic aligning and conveying system  And, Packaging Machine.

1.Square Table automatic feeding part
Connect to the production line, the wide belt with automatic skew detection.
automatic feeding packing system

automatic feeding packing system

To sort the layer cakes into one line.

3.Sunk feeding Unit
To be controlled with the big belt,  programmed up and down movement to divide the layer cakes to each correct lane.

4.Auto feeding lane
To take the layer cake from the sunk feeding unit,and sort it in one regular line.

5.Automatic aligning and conveying system
Photocell Electric eyes and inverter system ensure accurate position and feeding of product.    Cantilever type design,easy and convenient  to assemble, unassemble, clean.
Compatable and flexible system, can design for various of products.

6. Packaging Machine


Addedum: Technical Parameter of packing machine AG-250B
Film   Width Bag Length Working Speed Bag Width Product Height Power Machine Weight
Max 250mm 65-190 mm 60-200bag/min 30-110 mm Max 40mm 220V,50/60HZ,2.4KW About 500KG
automatic feeding packing system