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Our After-sales service:

The professional technician will be dispatched for installing,commissioning and operation training,after the machine arrived at Customers’place, until the technicians at customers end can operate skillfully .The warranty period is available within 1 year from the date you purchased our machine, during the warranty expires of machine, the technicians will be sent for service door-to-door on time, all the expenses shall be afforded by our company. We implement the service system of 5 free and  life-time follow-up services,provide customers solution with  advanced technology and excellent service.Once promised, lifetime guarantee.

Our advantage: focus on customer service.

At AOLGE Packaging, we believe that establishing a close and win-win relationship with our clients is the best way to achieve customer satisfaction, and we constantly work with the customer service to implement our mission-our product should always benefit our clients.

AOLGE Packaging offers worldwide Customer Service and Technical Assistance with our agent at each area that quickly responds to the individual needs that arise.  Thanks to its extensive network of offices, distributors and subsidiaries, which all offer exceptional after-sales service, AOLGE Packaging is able to be near its clients, wherever it may be needing and providing the service that is expected.

Machine installation and maintenance services and Training service

According to customer requirements, come up to customers’ door or invite the technician of customers’ to our factory for the trainning of machine working principle, product packaging ,machine commission,equipment maintenance and other technical knowledge.
Modification service after use of machine:
According to the customer demand, make small technical changes of the used equipment under the condition of remain its fundamental feature,  as: the replacement of packing product, the size change of packing product.


Machine maintenance services

As per the service of detection, repair and spare parts exchnage to failed machine.We have 1.within the period of the warranty expires ( inspection , repair and  parts replacement free) 2.out of the period of the warranty expires ( service charge, transport charges and spare parts charge will be collected accordingly)
Packing solutionl design,technology consulting services.
Customized packing solution can be provided to customers as per various requestment from different clients.

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