Hardware and screws packing machine

Hardware and screws packing machine


This vertical packaging machine is suitable for hardware packaging, fastener packaging, standard parts packaging, rubber products packaging, lighting packaging, communication equipment accessories packing, railway and highway equipment accessories packing, antenna hardware accessories packing, home appliance hardware accessories packing, doors and windows accessories packaging, wardrobe, kitchen and bathroom accessories packaging, accessories metal small product packing, etc.

Product Details

Main feature:

The vibrating feeder is customized according to the products, and the precise counting control device ensures that the number of products in each packaging bag is correct.

Using PLC+touch screen control system, it is suitable for single product packaging and mixed packaging of multiple products.
Each vibrating feeder in the complete packing machine can be individually turned on or off in combination with production needs.

Technical Specification
  AG-420 AG-320
Film width Max.420mm Max.520mm
Bag length 80-300mm 80-400mm
Bag width 50-200 mm 80-250 mm
Film thickness 0.04-0.08mm 0.04-0.08mm
Packing speed 1-50bag/min 5-65bag/min
Power 220V,50/60HZ,3.5KW 220V,50/60HZ,2.4KW
Air consumption 0.64Mps 0.4m³/min 0.4-0.6Mps 0.4m³/min
Packing film material BOPP/CPP, BOPP/VMCP, BOPP/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, PET/PE, ect